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Added Supreme Gelynn 14.03.2019, 03:08

Last night I was trying to get this game to play, but the weather was causing my connection to drop, so I had to put that on hold. Right now I'm wanting to upload screenshots, but the "quest" isn't popping up. What happened? I'm hoping I didn't get duped again with promise of good earnings. I feel like I wasted time downloading this and trying to stay connected in spite of bad weather. :\

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14.03.2019, 05:26

Hello, Supreme Gelynn. The quest could have disappeared for multiple reasons. These reasons could include:
- You didn't enter your nickname before the time ran out for you to start the task.
- You are experiencing a visual bug that should go away with time.
- You simply ran out of time to start the task.
Do not worry as tasks will normally come back after time. If you did already enter your nickname and start the task, but you do not see it, contact support at


Supreme Gelynn

14.03.2019, 10:16

Why would time run out when I never even got to start it? I never entered my nickname, so it couldn't have even started a timer yet. Do some games rotate between available offers and closing the gates? I realize sites like this depend on what the client wants. I just find it odd that it happened to disappear from availability *after* I downloaded the game, but never entered my details. All I did was go to download. I didn't have a nickname to enter yet, because the game kept disconnecting. I don't think it was my internet after all, because after a Google search, I found out the game disconnects on players very often.


Supreme Gelynn

15.03.2019, 00:46

Okay, I finally see the issue here. Some games have a timer, but not all. Thus, I didn't notice them upon first glance. I'm not used to looking for that on a rewards site. Right now it says there's 6 hours. Let's just hope Blade & Soul won't keep disconnecting this time.


Supreme Gelynn

17.03.2019, 23:20

I've now seen that the quest for Blade & Soul has disappeared yet again. Did I run out of time? Not from what I'd seen last. On all my quests I had about 10 days to complete the leveling. It was within a good window, so I dared to feel comfortable. If anything, I'm beginning to think that I triggered some kind of anti-cheat system. But there's absolutely no reason to cheat to level fast with any NCSoft game (makers of Blade & Soul). I leveled quickly because I know that in most Fantasy MMORPGs, if you just follow the main quest as a new character -- easy leveling.

There's absolutely no excuse for the quest to have disappeared, because I leveled quickly enough to reach the next quest. If anything, I feel as if Game Kit is unhappy with me making such regular progress. It's been 4 days. I hardly call that quick. I've heard of players hitting max level in games like Blade & Soul in a week, so I'm actually taking a slower pace.

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