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This game is BS

Added Gizawar 12.12.2018, 23:11

First of all download speed is a joke, only 6Mb/s
Secound I took forever to install
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST when I wanted to login to my newly created account it says "Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked"
I never used cheats in any game. I've never played any game from ncsoft.
SO WTF IS WRONG. And I cant create new account on another email address as it says "Email verification failed." before it even send email with verification code. I even tried other IP address

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12.12.2018, 23:17

It took forever to install*



13.12.2018, 18:38
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You need to message support as instructed to get it unlocked. Exact same happened to me and it's a complete joke, 30 mins of play after a stupidly long download due to the really restricted download speed and I get locked out.
Not really sure if it's worth the hassle since the 'suspicious activity' detected didn't actually happen and was just a routine check to ensure I was a real player according to their support and is no guarantee it won't happen again and again.

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