Summoner Third Specialization Preview

07.04.2021, 21:49

under the third specialization—Way of Fantasy!If your Familiar had a fantasy, would it involve riding around in a flying saucer and growing into an abnormally enormous size to pounce on its prey? Does it include bubbles, lasers, and neon stars? Perhaps this dream isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds, ... (read more)

Dragon's Treasure Events

02.03.2021, 23:59

New events are here for you to snag costumes and a Brilliant Radiance Stone Chest.Take part in these two new events where you can earn a few costumes for your Showroom and another Brilliant Radiance Stone Chest.Warrior’s WardrobeEvent Duration: March 3 – March 17Each day you complete 5 Daily Challen... (read more)

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