Blade & Ghoul is Now Live!

15.10.2019, 23:59

As Halloween looms ever closer, the time to defeat eerie enemies and earn delightful rewards has arrived!Blade & Ghoul EventCandycloud ParkCreepy troublemakers Yippi and Skippi are wreaking havoc in Candycloud Park—help Papa Pazhu keep these two nightmares from frightening the fun away during hi... (read more)

Zen Archer Level-up Event

19.09.2019, 23:59

7-Day Premium Membership and a Radiant Nebula Stone Could Be Yours!If you haven’t created your Zen Archer character yet, now there’s even more reason to make sure you do! For the next four weeks, we’re running a Zen Archer Level-up event and getting to 60 could earn you a 7-Day Premium Membership an... (read more)

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