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lvle 3 quest problems

Added Ray 10.02.2019, 06:31

this has been the only game with a quest that i cannot complete every time i submit my screenshot it tells me that the name in game and the one i put on gamekit is different... im not sure if they are looking at my guild name or family name but ive tried everything like circling the nickname and adding text ive even went as far as drawing arrows to it... the support team wont respond and im starting to think they just dont want to give me my points has anyone else had this problem

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10.02.2019, 22:43

Hello, Ray. There was most likely an error on your end when entering the nickname. Make sure you enter the full name of your character for tasks.
Please do not edit the screenshot by drawing on it or in any other way.
Also, we would never avoid giving a specific user their reward in an unfair manner.



11.02.2019, 00:21

the name i entered was 100 % right because i not only checked it twice but three times carefully making sure each time i enter a name it is correct and the only reason i added arrows to the picture pointing to my name is because i have two other names around it a (family name) and a (guild name) and sense every time i submitted a photo it was denied i felt that was the only way i could prove it i even went as far as talking in chat and highlighting my name in the screenshot in the chat box this is 100 % a mistake on your end if you guys ever respond to my ticket i can share the screenshots with you


Supreme Gelynn

14.03.2019, 12:22

Did you hit P and bring up your profile? My lvl 3 screenshot was approved with no hitches by using that screen.



05.04.2019, 03:25

I hope i dont get your problem. Fingers crossed becuas i think i may have typed it in wrong. also is it case sensitive.

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