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Added Nguyễn 22.04.2018, 16:58

Okay, why is quest 4 reward reduced from 15000 points to a barely of 6000 points? Are you kidding me? This is the sole reason why I wanted to do the quest and now you just suddenly changed it? Wow, this could be counted as fraud you know.

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22.04.2018, 18:20

Pts in Gamekit are not actual currency so it isn't fraud. Most likely, the 4th quest hadn't been decided and 15000 was a filler number. After creating the quest we decided to change the point value. We are working on sorting this out for future tasks so that this kind of thing won't happen again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience



23.04.2018, 14:16

Sorry for my offensive language, I was just annoyed.



24.04.2018, 05:50

Than why would you guys put such a high pts as filler number, it keep players under false pretense that the payout is gonna be big.



24.04.2018, 22:53

well yeah, that's basically my point.



25.04.2018, 01:40
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Yeah, and with the 4th quest now only worth 6,000 points, the final quest requires you to upgrade fancy house to level 2 which costs 2800 gold.. and in order to buy the house, you need 250 gold.. so a total of 3050 gold, granted you can earn some, but you'll have to spend a min of $2 to get the gold, for a $10 steam gift card, which lately will likely not come. Most of their orders are extremely behind.



02.06.2018, 02:32

The fancy house is very possible to get without spending any money. All you must do is work throughout the game to get 2000 gold, leveling up both fishing and normal level will give gold. When you get 2000 gold you must go to the mines and use the one time gold mining certificate you get to mine 4000 gold by using 2000 gold. You can then by the Fancy house 2 for 2800 gold

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