Visit Greta’s Dream Farm!

03.11.2020, 18:37

Hello FarmersA good night’s sleep is essential and to everyone’s surprise, Tessa isn’t the only one who dreams very vividly. I, Greta, dream too and I want you to visit me there.Greta’s Dream Farm opensYou heard it here first, Greta's Dream Farm is opening for the first time and it’s a little differ... (read more)

Watching TV helps repairing farmers' budgets

04.09.2015, 13:07

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch TV while being in the game? Does it sound like a sci-fi idea? Next level of having online avatar? Well, the opportunity is here, right now. GoodGameStudios announced new changes to their lovely web-based country sim - Big Farm. The most surp... (read more)

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