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Anyone shooting for Battlefield 1 as a prize.

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They don't really have it . I'm starting to assume they only give lower name keys here. It's said it's been in stock the last 3 weeks. Meanwhile I've been going back and fourth with my ticket with them telling me it's "out of stock" and they have no idea when they are going to get more. Figured I would warn anyone assuming they are distributed the same as the lower cost keys on this site.

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20.07.2017, 22:11

I know this is like 3 months old but eh I acutely going for it. But gamekit is taking awhile to get their stuff so just wait and you will get it. But if it takes a year THEN call them. :)

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20.07.2017, 22:12

Yep, glad you commented, lost this post to reply last time. But yeah I eventually received it. I harped a little, they shrugged, but eventually I was rocking BF1. So just hang in there and be patient, this is a legit site for sure.



20.07.2017, 22:38

Yeah its legit but I'm really close to getting it. Anyways have a nice day!

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