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Atlas Reactor Quest

Added James 03.02.2017, 10:45

Joined thinking I could use my main account thats lvl 34 or so and entered under that accounts name. Validation is reject because you have to be the lvl 5 no higher no lower (very pointless imo). So I create another account play until im lvl 5 to find out that my validation will not be accepted. Why? Because the name I registered is different from my in game tag. Very dumb system and waste of time especially if you cant change the registered name to join.

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03.02.2017, 14:30

Hi, James

I'm sorry, but this is a general rule that everyone has to follow.
If you want to change your nick because it is wrong, please send a ticket to our support team.

Have a nice day.



05.02.2017, 13:12

submitted a ticket about two days ago and have no reply, but its ok. If I was lazy I wouldn't respond either. I'll probably get a response (if any) after the quest is over. Well played.



10.02.2017, 10:03

Hello James, i'm sorry to hear that you're having some problems with gamekit. Sadly, there's nothing can we do about this. Our rules are pretty simple: you have to mach requirements for each task (you can go a little further like 1-2 levels more but not 30 levels, it's an over completed task). And, of course, your nick have to be exactly the same of the character. If don't anyone could send screenshot of anything and you can understand by yourself how impossible this would be. Moreover, if you seen next the window for screenshots there's a small question mark that explain everything and there are examples of how a screenshow have to be too. So, the only thing i can tell you is to put more attention next time and, for every problem you'll may have, contact freely our technical support and they'll explain everything. :)