Quest Catch 22

Added jacked.up.panda 12.11.2016, 14:24

There is no way for me to complete the "Reach Level 3" quest for archeage. I have a 4k monitor so if I just take a screenshot, it's too large and cannot be submitted. If I crop out some minor unimportant stuff like the abilities or quests, it says the picture is too cropped and cannot be accepted. If I minimize the picture its says the picture is too low quality to be accepted, even though you can clearly see the level and name. What do I do?

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17.11.2016, 14:59

As I see it, you have the following options available...

1 --- Take a screenshot at 4K resolution and downgrade the quality, file type and/or resolution in PhotoShop or your choice of image editing software. Should you, for instance, be taking PNG screenshots saving them as JPEGs will drastically reduce the filesize. Saving your typical JPEG output at a lower quality can also reduce the filesize by as much as sixty percent. Modifying the resolution of the image will cull the size appropriately, in direct correlation to the new resolution (I'm assuming your monitor uses 3840×2160 and thus recommend you save the file as 1920×1080 as the 1:1 ratio will remain intact).

1a --- If you lack access to a photo-editing suite, use any of the online resources available. PicResize, for instance, can downgrade the quality and resolution of your images for free. A simple Google search will reveal countless others.

2 --- Play in a window, as opposed to fullscreen. The in-game screenshot function will capture only the game, at its reduced resolution. If, for some utterly bizarre reason, the screenshot persists in capturing your entire screen (which it won't, but on the off chance it does...) use a third-party program such as FRAPs or the Windows Clipping Tool to snap a picture of the game-window alone.

3 --- Change out your monitor for a lower-resolution one while completing this quest. Not an ideal solution, thus it is ranked lower than the others, but it would solve your problem.

Hope it helps and, far more importantly, that you enjoy the game. Best of luck...


Castle Of

17.11.2016, 20:10

You can use "snip screen" if you're using windows, and then put it into either photoshop/paint.net and just lower the quality of the jpeg. As long as you don't edit the picture it should still count.



27.11.2016, 15:28

Resizing the image is likely the best option to use.

Press Alt+PrintScreen to take a picture of ONLY the active window, in this case obvisously in game.

Paste it into MSPaint and use the resize option to take it down a few notches. It should retain the original quality, but be much smaller. There is even a checkbox to retain the original aspect ratio.

I roll 4k as well and this works out for me.

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