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So, my girlfriend and I started playing yesterday, and got pretty sucked into the game. Upon completing the first quest (reach level 5) we submitted our screenshots and then continued playing. Now that my second quest is available, I find that I am above that level, but the site warns that a screenshot of a higher level than they require will not qualify. Have I utterly shot myself in the foot?

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09.11.2016, 21:45

Yes. Unless you make a new Gamekit account, and link a new Glyph account with a new nickname for a character, and only progress after they accept your previous screenshot. Then continue playing the game for fun at your leisure after you complete the last quest.

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09.11.2016, 22:04

:/ Is there no one from support who can do something about it? I have very little desire to start over, what's the point of all the points I've earned so far?

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