Phase 4: Reign, Part 1 is Live!

29.07.2018, 16:29

Hello heroes!This is the next phase, it will be in 2 parts each being released at different times. There was that much content it had to be divided! The level cap is moving to 55 and Delphinad is now available. Dwarves & Warborn Arrive in FS The short-tempered Dwarves but crafty Dwarves have no... (read more)

Flash news - PvP rewards doubled! Oct. 2nd-5th

01.10.2015, 12:21

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Blood rush! (news flowing...) This weekend gonna be bloody... Slay your enemies in PvP combat and reap twice the rewards! Honor gains for both world PvP during wartime and participating in the Arena will be doubled this weekend, from October 2 to... (read more)

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