Allods Online great for me,what about you? :D

Added MordbranD 24.11.2015, 15:03

I found about Allods online years ago,must admitt i didn't rech cap lvl,but i played it for quite some time,graphics are simillar to WoW,game play is very smoth and game nicely done.The more u play the game the more grindy it gets that was one of the cons for me,but nevertheless game very good,classes and specs are done very good,i have some nice cut scenes,main story is very good,and buch of side quest to do in game aswell.Its placed in epic fantasy world wich i must say is inspired by easter Europe,and i loved it,since u can't find many games like that. All in all great game,if u are looking wow like game or just epic fantasy mmorpgs give it a go u won't be dissapointed!! :D

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