18.12.2019, 19:00

Beat the quests and be royally rewarded!Running: 18/12/2019 to 8/1/2020Prerequisite: level 76 to 80The evil Large Baseball has concocted a wicked plan to manipulate the Lazy Shugo Couriers and stop Atreia’s most important festival!Some Shugos have fallen for his tricks, stealing the Daevas’ presents... (read more)


18.10.2019, 18:00

Endless PvP and PvE Action!All of Atreia is in party mood because the new update ‘Shadows Over Red Katalam’ is about to land on the European servers.The new version 7.2 is dominated by PvP: you’ll experience the most intense fights since you first earned your wings!What does Update 7.2 have to offer... (read more)


20.09.2019, 13:00

Win some valuable items in the AION Shop from 20/9 to 30/9Greetings, Daeva!Visit the AION Shop from 20th September to 30th September, give the Wheel of Destiny a hefty spin and win some great prizes!With a little luck you could enjoy land some super rare items such as the [Rune] Ultimate PvP Enchant... (read more)


07.08.2019, 15:43

Make good use of the increased enchantment chance nowCountless Daeva lost their lives protecting their home Atreia in the devastating Thousand Year War. The memories and spirit of these heroes survive since this time held within the stigma stones, mythical crystals laden with power and wisdom.Increa... (read more)


04.07.2019, 15:42

Join the race and win great prizes!The Daeva Race on the Treasure Island of Courage is known for being the hardest in all of Atreia. In this merciless and now even more challenging parcours, three Elyos go up against three Asmodians. The runners hit the Start line with special abilities and have to ... (read more)


03.07.2019, 15:46

Fresh content and plenty of action!Attention: Unfortunately, we had to postpone the update – AION 7.0 is available on 24/07 for you! Find out more in our news.It’s almost time: update 7.0 starts in AION on 10th July – there are improvements and additions aplenty! This news brings more details on the... (read more)

Flash news - Winds of Fate preview - part 2

29.09.2015, 14:59

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Information reinforcements! (second part of update notes) Hey Gamekitters, the second part of Winds of Fate update details has been released on official game site. Let's see the short version of changelist: Stigma Changes Instead of 12 stigma slo... (read more)

Winds of Fate update preview

23.09.2015, 14:29

New update to AION - Winds of Fate - got its preview on official game site. Let's snoop what's new: Makarna – Ereshkigal's Prison Makarna is a new instance for up to 12 players at level 65. Screenshots - 1, 2 & 3. Deep in the catacombs of Makarna sits Ereshkigal, the third Balaur Lor... (read more)


23.12.2014, 17:06

Gamekitters,    this year is coming to an end, and the AION team decided to use the holidays to answer your many questions about your favourite game!   In the Christmas video Nic, the Product Director of AION Free-to-Play Europe, will answer to the most important and frequent questio... (read more)

Last maintenance 2014 - Monday 22nd Dec

19.12.2014, 00:00

Dear players, On Monday, 22nd December, you should expect the last maintenance during this year. Servers will be down from 8am CET. 3 Events will be launched (Christmas lottery, Snow Crystal & Running Rudolph Event and Healing camp) and some boosts will be added. Have fun!

Eventos de Invierno

10.12.2014, 17:46

1 La caza de RudolfFechas: del 10 al 31/12Objetivo: Rudolf fugadoLugar: Zona Norte de Cantalón y Cantalón del SurComerciante: PandarinrrinerLugar: Sánctum, Pandemónium (junto al gran árbol de Solorius) 2 Nieva en AtreiaFechas: del 10 al 31/12PNJ: Nevadiner, Nieveni... (read more)

Weekly maintenance, September 3rd

02.09.2014, 00:00

Dear players, You should expect the regular maintenance tomorrow, 3rd September, between 8am till 1pm CEST. Servers will not be available during this time. The +50% AP Boost will be still active (till 10th September).

Weekly maintenance, 20th August

21.08.2014, 15:54

Dear players, Yesterday, on 20th August, the regular maintenance took place. You should expect:- deactivation of +50% Kinah Boost,- Shugo Dungeon Event remaining active,- deactivation of the Healing Camp Event.

Weekly maintenance, 13th August

12.08.2014, 17:10

Dear players, Tomorrow, 13th August, you should expect the regular maintenance. It will take place between 8am and 1pm CEST, servers will be down during this time. It will contain:- activation of a +50% Kinah Boost,- Shugo Dungeon and Healing Camp Events remaining active.

Weekly maintenance, 6th August

07.08.2014, 11:59

Dear players, Yesterday, 6th August, the regular maintenance took place. You should expect:- deactivation of +50% Crafting Boost- Shugo Dungeon Event remaining active till 27th August- Healing Camps Event remaining active till 20th August.

Regular maintenance

31.07.2014, 12:45

Dear players, The regular maintenance took place yesterday. It contained:- activation of the +50% Crafting Bonus- deactivation of Summer Cocktail event NPCs- activation of the Shugo Dungeon event (till 27th August)- activation of the Healing Camp event (till 20th August).

Weekly maintenance, 25th June

25.06.2014, 10:05

Today, till 1pm CEST there is a regular maintenance. You should expect deactivation of +50% Droprate. What's more the Stigma Shard drop rate will be increased and additional progress/growth quests will be available.

Weekly maintenance, 18th June

17.06.2014, 14:48

Tomorrow, 18th June, the weekly maintenance will take place. Between 8:00am and 3:00pm CEST servers won't be available. You should expect implementing Patch 4.5.1127//4.6 part 1, deactivation of the Events Shugo Dungeon and "Heroine's weeks" and +50% Droprate boost.

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Weekly maintenance, 7th May

06.05.2014, 17:27

Tomorrow, 7th May, there will be weekly maintenance. You should expect the downtime from 8:00am to at least 1:00pm CEST. The maintenance will include 50% Crafting boost application, activation of the event Healing Camp (until 28th May) and deactivation of the Arteia Hold'em event.

Weekly maintenance, 23rd April

23.04.2014, 10:05

Today, 23rd April, there is a weekly maintenance. You should expect the downtime till 1:00pm CEST. The maintenance will include activation of 50% Droprate boost and application of a fix for the Starters not to allow them chat. The Arteia Hold'em will be still active.

Weekly maintenance, 16th April

16.04.2014, 09:12

Today, 16th April 2014, there is a weekly maintenance. You should expect the downtime till 1:00pm CEST. The maintenance will include deactivation of the +50% EXP Boost and activation of the Atreia Hold'em (Easter lottery).