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Randomness or lack there of!

Added Brian 17.07.2019, 00:07

I really wish Gamekit would have a forum for topics relating to them but I have a suspicion that there isn't one on purpose. so I will be venting my frustrations here.

I have made a total of 4 reward purchases from Gamekits random offerings and it has become blatantly apparent that their system is rigged towards one game in particular: "Age of Wonders III." 4 orders, only two of which were from the same reward offer, all of which completed with a key for Age of Wonders 3. I must be insane! I tried something 4 times expecting different results and all 4 times I got the same result. What a waste of 6000 points! So GameKit how do you explain those odds???!!!

Not just an unfounded accusation:!AtFguvBGAvK79V6vTHF6f5r6i7mj

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19.07.2019, 19:04

Hello, Brian. Apologies for the delayed response. We do not control what codes are given to the users as the random steam keys are handled by a third party. We also warn users that duplicate games are possible and that we will not offer any refund for duplicate games.



24.07.2019, 21:32

i got age of wonders in my first one, and i just got battle vs chess twice in a row. so i feel the pain.



04.08.2019, 07:32

Yes, I've read that warning, and Yes I'm aware you aren't going to refund my points. This isn't about getting a refund! Rather, it's about Gamekit fixing its heavily flawed system. You can blame a 3rd party all you want but when its all said and done you either care about what kind of a name/reputation your business has, or you don't. That's on you, not the 3rd party. 3rd party resources can be replaced and if not you might want to consider developing your own. The one you have right now makes gamekit feel a bit shady.

Getting a game twice isn't that big of an issue in a random system, but 4 times in a ROW, that's ridiculous.



05.08.2019, 20:22

Well I finally got something different but not so different: "Age of Wonders II" twice a row. lets see if I'm lucky enough to garner another set of 4 keys for one game.



05.08.2019, 20:58

Hello, Brian. The issue is as previously stated. If you do not wish to keep getting repeat games, then I recommend purchasing other products.



06.08.2019, 08:11

Good advice!

Actually, the 4 "Age of Wonders III" keys came from 3 separate rewards "products." This time I'm testing one "product" 4 times.

Rest assured, the last 2 orders I placed will be the last points I spend on your random offerings. They really don't seem to be all that random anyway. They seem very heavily weighted towards cheap games and not the games they feature in the "Up to $60USD" offer. Add to it that the only games I've been getting are strategy games; I hate strategy games, they bore the hell out of me.

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