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As the name suggests, it is off topic.

Added Aaron 01.11.2018, 02:00

I haven't received my steam order a week past the due date and was wondering if anyone was getting the same issue. Would like some feedback and thanks. I'd tried talking to the moderators but they gave me the modern day equivalent of 'suck it up'. Just want to know the current situation and if anyone is experiencing it with me. They got an excellent sales pitch in making someone visit the site every 12 hours to look at some ads and notifications that's for sure.

The order I made was a steam card btw if anyone was interested. Probably no one is interested but I'll include some useless info

Disclaimer, I am not complaining, free stuff is free stuff. But just a curious man here.trying to know the situation of Gamekit

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Mr Mayhem

01.11.2018, 03:51

We are working hard to try and fix the wait time issues. We are experiencing supplier problems due to the extremely high amount of orders.

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